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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:11 am

Welcome to the Questions && Answers section of Bearville Forums.

Here, you can ask questions and have them answered by members like you.

Asking a Question:

1.) To ask a question, simply pick your topic (Build-a-bear Ville or Bearville Forums) and post a new topic labeled with your question.
2.) Before you do so, it's nice if you check if this question was already asked before. This way, you don't need to re-ask the same question twice.
3.) Write your question so that people know what you mean. Do not double-post with things like "Any answers?" You may only double post on the thread after no one has answered for two hours.
4.) Do not disrespect answers, but feel free to inquire further.
5.) DO NOT PM STAFF (e. g. Admin, Moderators, Officers) with questions unless they permit you to! Please just post on the Questions && Answers and wait patiently for your question to be answered.
6.) If your question was answered, you may post a request at the bottom of the thread to have it locked.

Answering a Question:

1.) Just click the question you know the answer to and reply.
2.) DO NOT PROVIDE INACCURATE INFORMATION. It's better to not post then to post false info.
3.) Don't disrespect questions, but answer them nicely and politely.
4.) If you know of a thread ON THIS SITE that had the same question, feel free to post the link.
5.) Answer in legible grammar.

That's all there is to this part of the site! Have fun, and good luck!
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Rules and Guidelines
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